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RK Launcher 1.0

Launch various Windows application from a unified location
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Places a dock on your screen similar to the one on Mac machines that holds the shortcuts to all the applications that you want to quickly launch.

RK Launcher is a multi-platform application launcher. The application is minimalist by design and it takes a lot from the dock that you see on most Mac OS X machines, which is a great dock, by the way. RK Launcher isn't precisely an application launcher like the ones I am used to see. RK Launcher will install a dock on the side of your screen. There, you will be able to add the shortcuts of the applications that you use the most. The icons will be small unless you move your mouse pointer over them. When you do, they will zoom up and take a lot more space so that you can see them clearly. This feature is nice because, this way, the bar doesn't take a lot of screen real estate. You can have lots of applications on the bar. The application will even add a shortcut to the bar automatically every time you open an application for the first time, so that you can keep track of them. The only missing feature that I don't see and I would like this application to offer is the ability to hit a hotkey and type the name of an application so that the launcher can open it. I think that is mandatory in application launchers.

José Fernández
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  • Looks and feels great


  • It is kind of annoying at times
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